ASD Kickstart Program

Get immediate Occupational Therapy support and learn how YOU can help your child be more happy and independent!


You will learn about how your child's body and brain works and how you can help prevent daily meltdowns and power struggles. The easy-to-apply strategies, handouts and materials provided will lead to long-lasting transformation.


After each education session you will be able to ask questions and get expert OT advise on how to implement the learned strategies with your child. This is also an excellent opportunity to hear other families’ challenges and share valuable resources and ideas.


You will have access to a private Facebook group that allows you to connect with other families who are on the same journey as you – and who knows, you may find a new friend for you and your child.

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6-week Group Program


ASD Kickstart Program

In this
6-week online program, you will learn to better understand your child’s needsstrengths & behaviours

Once you understand the underlying cause of your child’s behaviours and emotions, you can help your child be more regulated, connected, independent, happy and see them for who they are – someone unique & special.


Who this is for

Families whose child (aged 2-6) recently received an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis and are at the beginning of their journey. They long for clarity in understanding their child, their unique needs and strengths and how they can support them to be happier, more regulated, independent, and to reach their full potential.

Benefits at a glance

This program provides you with a “kickstart” so that once your child can see an OT for regular in-person sessions (for “maintenance”), you are already “the expert” and know how to implement the learned strategies anytime, anywhere. With this format, you can fully focus on the learning experience and get more information in less time than you would get in a 1:1 session with your child present. It allows you much more flexibility as you can join the sessionsfrom the comfort of your home/office, no need to take time off work or drive to a clinic. Additionally, you have the group’s support to share your struggles, wins, exchange resources and hold each other accountable. In the FB group will be able to ask questions anytime, exchange resources with other families. And best of all, it saves you money as it is more economical than 1:1 support, which means you will have more money to spend on therapy equipment, training and other interventions for your child.

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Let's set your child up for success at school together from the beginning.

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