An Innovative & Unique Approach To Occupational Therapy

How I deliver OT services:

I have a mobile Occupational Therapy clinic. This means that I come to YOU rather than YOU having to come to ME. I see children in their natural environment (home, daycare, school, and the community) and include other family and team members in OT sessions (where applicable and appropriate). I offer regular 1:1 in-person support (intensive, weekly or bi-weekly, based on the child’s needs and my availability), virtual parent coaching sessions, workshops, as well as a group online coaching program for children with ASD.

The main benefits of "real life" therapy:

  • We can work on the challenges you and your child are facing in their “real world” within the actual context

  • You and your child feel most comfortable, relaxed and safe in your natural, familiar environment, and this positively impacts and speeds up their progress and learning

  • Instead of having limited access to expensive equipment ONLY during a therapy session, I teach you to use what you already own or have access to 24/7 (e.g. your furniture, toys, backyard, playground) and make personalized equipment recommendations to achieve your goals

  • We can include other family members, and relevant members of your child’s community, e.g. both parents, siblings, grandparents, babysitter/nanny, Behavioural Interventionist, ECE, teachers, and show them strategies to set your child up for success in their context and environment

  • Appointments can take place at convenient times for your family (e.g. virtually during your lunch break) and can be integrated into your natural daily tasks and routines (e.g. cooking, transitioning from play to mealtimes)

  • Working with me does not necessarily replace regular OT sessions at a clinic but is a “kick start” on your journey of understanding and helping your child


Children aged 2 - 6 ...
  • on the autism spectrum
  • with (social) anxiety 
  • with sensory processing and sensory regulation difficulties
  • who struggle with social skills
  • who struggle at home/daycare/preschool/school
  • who need support with developing independent life skills (e.g. dressing, brushing teeth, toilet training, independent feeding)
Families who ...
  • are waiting for/recently received an autism diagnosis and want to learn more about their child and how to best support them
  • want to be involved in their child’s healing journey and learn more about the underlying causes of their child’s challenges, behaviours and emotions.
  • want to strengthen their family relationships (e.g. parent-child and/or siblings relationships)
  • are unable to go to an OT clinic due to physical or mental health conditions or who experienced medical trauma in the past


Families who ...
  • think something is wrong with their child and just want it “fixed”
  • like the “drop off” approach and don’t want to be involved in their child’s healing journey
  • don’t want their team of therapists to collaborate
  • believe in a purely ABA approach (Applied Behavioural Analysis)
  • feel like they need the “respite” while being away from their child during OT sessions
  • whose child benefits from the setting, structure and equipment of a clinic or can’t “focus” on therapy at home