Parent coaching is an essential part of my holistic approach when working with families. Consequently, once you understand your child’s unique strengths, the root cause of their challenges and learn strategies on how to best support your child, you move from “surviving to thriving”.

I consider YOU the expert on your child and we always work together as a team!

gross motor coordination occupational therapy


In-person OT intervention EXACTLY WHERE your child needs it: Whether in the comfort of your own home, on the playground, at the park, at a recreational program, at daycare, preschool, school or in a group program. When working with you I take your child’s natural environment (people, places and activities) into account. As a result, progress is much faster and longer-lasting and can easily be transferred into other environments and situations. My services include assessment, treatment and consultation. I am experienced working with children with a variety of neurodevelopmental delays and challenges. I take a holistic approach.


I offer gentle, attachment-based sleep support for toddlers and school-aged children, in-person and virtually. Sleep challenges can have a significant impact on your child’s ability to be happy, regulated and thrive. This does not only affect your child but usually the whole family because if your child isn’t sleeping well, neither are you. Chronic sleep deprivation can affect our physical as well as our mental health. Children with ASD, ADHD, SPD, anxiety and genetic disorders often present with sleep problems. Getting the right tools and strategies can help optimize their sleep and regulation.



Depending on what task, skill or environment is challenging for your child determines where the appointment would take place, I will meet you EXACTLY WHERE your child needs it: e.g. in the comfort of your own home, on the playground, at the park, at a recreational program, at daycare, preschool or school, in a group program, etc. I meet you and work on whatever is standing in their way to be independent, successful, happy and thriving.

Grab a coffee, pen and paper and connect from the comfort of your home. Virtual appointments allow you to get support anytime and from anywhere. You can schedule an appointment during your lunch break or when your children are at daycare or school. It allows us to discuss challenges and strategies in an undisturbed environment so you can focus on what’s important without having to multi-task. It also allows others to join the appointment, such as your partner or spouse, grandparents, other team members, a teacher, the nanny or whoever you chose.

For residents of British Columbia: As a registered Health Care Professional my service is covered by many extended health care plans (ask your extended health care provider if Occupational Therapy is covered through your plan). If your child receives Autism Funding, this can be used toward my services as I am registered on the RASP list.

A free conversation to hear your story and discuss support options.

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